Self Coaching Resources

Tools for thriving

Sometimes working 1-1 with a coach isn’t something you are ready to do, or even want to do

The good news is you can absolutely make changes by using self-coaching tools and techniques 

The catch… a lot of these tools are not designed with the ADHD brain in mind, meaning so often we ADHDers will try something someone suggests (why don’t you “just” do this…) 
but find that we can’t – it just doesn’t work for us!

Here's an alternative

Tools, techniques and mini courses created and taught BY an ADHD brain FOR ADHD brains

Short, easy to digest, fact based information explained in way which makes sense

Fluff free, designed to help you have maximum impact in minimum time

A range of topics pick'n'mix style, because we all need different things!

Choose from

Emotional Regulation

Self Belief

ADHD friendly Goal Setting

Navigating Conflict

Self Acceptance

Building resilience to Criticism and Judgement

Understanding where your beliefs come from and how to change them

Benefits of Self Coaching for ADHD

Learn to become self-validating as you make changes through your own personal exploration

Increase self awareness, join the dots and discover all sorts of brilliant things about yourself!

Create a practice of making time for yourself (which we are notoriously bad at doing!)

Take things at your own pace, in your own time, in bite size pieces, reducing the overwhelm of tackling everything at once

Lay a strong foundation for potential work with a coach 1-1 in the future

Journaling for ADHD

Journaling and free writing can also be an incredible tool for ADHDers

I created this journal to help you build your self concept and reconnect with your strengths

Simple prompts, clean design, dip in and out - especially designed with YOU as an ADHD woman in mind

The Book of Everything

This is my creation, designed for my ADHD brain over many years

Say goodbye to the struggle of managing mutiple planners, diaries, notebooks and journals

Welcome a new way of productivity, organisation and clarity!