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Hello lovely human
Looking to  discover how to transform your self belief
over an incredible 4 days, absolutely FREE?
Well, you're in the RIGHT PLACE! 


Had enough of people pleasing, self-sabotaging, feeling guilty about taking time for yourself
and of keeping yourself small?


I'm Charlotte and it's my mission to help women understand and experience their self-doubt in a different way, so they can stop keeping themselves small and start feeling courageous enough to do the things they don’t feel ready, or “enough” to do.


This is why I’ve created the Self-Belief Series, a transformational series of sessions to help you change the relationship you have with YOUR self-doubt.

If you've read to here, you want to know more about exactly what we'll be doing right...?

Introducing the

Self Belief Series

If self-doubt gets in the way of you having what you really desire and need in your life, and you’re open to learning some of my most successful tips and techniques for overcoming this very common - yet still debilitating - problem, then this is the perfect solution for you!


It's a series of workshops and masterclasses over 4 days to help you SUPERCHARGE your Self-Belief

This is a fantastic opportunity if self-doubt is holding you back from doing the things you know you desire, like…


-leaving a job you hate

-asking for a promotion or pay rise within your current role

-generating more balanced and fulfilling relationships and friendships 

-making time for yourself to rest, create and feel joy in your life


This is for you if you want to learn to be guided by self-trust and self-acceptance so that you find the courage to take the risk you believe deep down is totally right for you -

even if others say you're crazy.


By immersing yourself in this series of interactive workshops you’ll discover the confidence to say what you really mean and WANT to say, instead of constantly self-editing and compromising your needs.


Finally, you’ll start to see everything amazing that you are, rather than always focusing on what you believe you lack.


If you're looking for support, community and gentle nudging out of your comfort zone then The Self-Belief Series is exactly what you've been waiting for.


This amazing 4-day interactive experience, includes live Q&A coaching sessions with 1:1 attention, ALL designed to help you seriously upgrade your self-belief!


You don't want to miss this. Make sure you click the button below to be the first to hear more and get access - and you’ll also receive some special preview treats. 


And get ready to courageously build your Self-Belief this Autumn.


Thanks for today. I have gone from a potentially dangerous point of uncertainty to a clear view of the next steps and I've taken some action already!

You provided that "sounding board" and non-judgmental voice to my thoughts; giving me a framework to formulate my thinking and permission to think freely without prejudice or preconceptions about possible outcomes.

I'm now happy to be captain of my own ship and navigate in the direction that's right for ME! 

AND I'm happy putting in 70% effort where I need to!

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