What exactly is "Feel Good Coaching"?

People often ask me, “what kind of coaching do you do?” because as humans we love to fit things into neat little boxes.

But I’m not about that… I could say, “I’m a health coach”, “life coach”, “mindset coach” and all would be true… but really these don’t sum up what I do.

Everyone has habits in their daily lives, some conscious, some unconscious, in a mix of helpful and unhelpful to getting us from where we are to where we want to be.

My “Feel Good” coaching is simply helping you understand which of these habits falls into which category and seeing where we can address the balance to be more on the side of helpful than unhelpful.

I believe we feel our best when we have a great balance of healthy habits, personal fulfilment and things which are there for pure enjoyment.

When one of these things is missing or scarce, it can have a knock on effect in all areas of our life which then leads into a downward spiral.

The way we feel affects the way we look after ourselves, the way we look after ourselves affects our health and wellbeing and the status of our health and wellbeing affects the way we feel (and so on…)

The aim of my coaching is to help you interrupt the habits and behaviours in your life which are leading to this unhelpful spiral in a way that doesn’t feel as though you’re trying to change everything at once. From experience, a complete overhaul can lead to overwhelm which again doesn’t feel good.

I’m about the knock-on effect of the small things.

Improve your health, you improve how you feel which improves your day to day life.

Make adjustments to find space for more enjoyment, you feel happier, you take care of yourself better…

It sounds simple but so many of us struggle with implementing these changes or even knowing where to start.

I won't give you an eating plan

Or a 10 step programme

Or the same things to try as every other client I work with

Every client is different and has different things which make them TRULY feel good and not so good some will be health oriented, others fulfilment oriented and some won't have a clue what it is, but they know they want to find out.

So what I do give my clients is a space to talk about what they need in their lives and how to go about getting whatever that is in the way that feels right for them so that they can wake up feeling good about life more days than they don't.

And that, in essence, is what Feel Good coaching is.

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