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This is a safe place for you to land if you’re a woman who is diagnosed ADHD, going through the diagnosis process or simply think you may-be ADHD or Neurodivergent and are looking for information and support from someone who gets it on a personal level.

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My Story

As a late diagnosed ADHD woman (I was diagnosed 2 years ago aged 36) I know what a rollercoaster the process can be.


From elation and validation that things suddenly “make sense” and it’s not just that you’re rubbish at life, to the (sometimes crushing) realisation that fundamentally nothing has changed in terms of how you experience life and the things you struggle with.





and feelings of “why me”


Can go hand in hand with


AMAZING I’m not broken!



And moments of pure Joy!


All of these and many more things are common and “normal” to feel but it can be a confusing time to navigate as you start to peel back the layers and bravely uncover what’s underneath.


This is why Maybe ADHD and my work as a (maybe) ADHD coach exist, to help women just like you figure out what’s going on and what on earth this all means for you!


You’re not alone

You’re not broken

You’re not weird


You’re individual, creative and valuable just for being the human being you are.


My values are rooted in joyful imperfection, self-compassion, curiosity and transparency.


This means you’ll always find honesty, openness, courageous conversation (and eventually I hope community) here.


And if you’re looking for more in depth support, you can see how I help by clicking below.

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