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Supportive, Compassionate Coaching for Self-Doubting Women

"I've just had a lightbulb moment!"

These words are MUSIC to my ears!

And my aim through 1:1 life coaching sessions is to help you have your own "lightbulb" moments, whatever that means to you.

Feeling good is at the heart of my approach which blends practical tools and exercises with exploratory conversation to lead to changes in your mindset, habits and behaviours.

Whilst I can't wrap coaching up in a shiny bow and deliver you the changes you're looking for without any input from you,  I can promise that you will find patience, empathy, sometimes challenge (it's good for you, honestly!) and a completely non-judgmental space for you to flourish and make those changes you're longing for.


I don't believe in a one-size-fits all approach

You and your needs are distinct from anyone else's. That's why the sessions draw on my experience and toolkit of techniques for a bespoke fit leading to the best outcome for you.


I work in a few different ways.

If you're looking for support with goals you already have in mind you can book a stand along Empower Hour here

If you KNOW your Self-Doubt is holding you back from even being able to acknowledge and trust you know what you want, then one of my longer support packages will be a better option for you. 

Just click the button to the left to book a no obligation chat

about the best approach for you.

Packages start from £175.

I don't have a magic pill to fix anything, but I do have real-life experience of feeling as though "life" was in charge, not me, and feeling frustrated, helpless and confused about what to do.

This can absolutely help you (along with my training and experience as a coach) feel better and take control of where you're going again, just as I learned to do, but hopefully with less trial and error along the way, I've done that hard part for you... 

Thanks for today. I have gone from a potentially dangerous point of uncertainty to a clear view of the next steps and I've taken some action already!

You provided that "sounding board" and non-judgmental voice to my thoughts; giving me a framework to formulate my thinking and permission to think freely without prejudice or preconceptions about possible outcomes.

On the walk home I felt a surge of optimism and I've just written out a list of what I took from this morning! Thank you. You have a real talent for coaching. I'd love to keep doing sessions.

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