It's ALL About Feeling Good...

Health coaching is a wide ranging field and there are many reasons why you might want to improve your health, or why things might not be feeling so good.

Whether it's weight-loss, energy or a general sense of well-being you're looking for, my tailored programmes will help get you to where you want to be. 

Your Personal Feelgood Programme


Topics might include:

-Why diets don't work

-Fueling your body

-Conquering Cravings


-Menu Planning & easy quick cooking

-Mindful eating

-Stress management & self-care

-Habit making & breaking

-Food to boost energy

-Why it's not just about diet and exercise

(and others!)

The specifics are down to what YOU need!

£249 per month with weekly sessions & support in between where you need it


Feelgood Formula Quickstart

A focused 1:1 to get super clear on quick actionable steps you can implement straight away to overcome a particular hurdle you are facing.

We will take a deep dive into the scenario to find areas you can tweak to help you change things quickly. 

You'll come away feeling confident about things you can do as part of your personal plan to get unstuck from the problem.

To help you stay on track I'll also do a follow-up check in to help you stay accountable - this is proven to help many people create change.