I offer one-off sessions to tackle a specific thing you feel might be holding you back, help you set goals or have a taster of what coaching with me is all about

Empower Hour

A focused 1:1 to get super clear on quick actionable steps you can implement straight away to overcome a particular hurdle you are facing.

We will take a deep dive into the scenario to find areas you can tweak to help you change things quickly. 

You'll come away feeling confident about things you can do as part of your personal plan to get unstuck from the problem.

Thanks for today. I have gone from a potentially dangerous point of uncertainty to a clear view of the next steps and I've taken some action already!

You provided that "sounding board" and non-judgmental voice to my thoughts; giving me a framework to formulate my thinking and permission to think freely without prejudice or preconceptions about possible outcomes.

On the walk home I felt a surge of optimism and I've just written out a list of what I took from this morning! Thank you. You have a real talent for coaching. I'd love to keep doing sessions.