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Is  it  time  to Cultivate 
                     your Self Belief...?

You’re in the right place you lovely human! 


I'm here to help you sow the seeds of your Self-Belief and cultivate your courage and confidence!


And I have an exclusive offer for you, a high impact, intimate group programme to help you go DEEP into what’s going on with your self doubt.

GOLD DOTS PAPER_edited.jpg

Throughout this deeply supportive group programme I'll help you...

Create ways of working WITH your self-doubt so it stops holding you back

because the truth is, self-doubt is part of being human, and trying to pretend it doesn't exist isn't a long term solution

Grow in courage and confidence when it comes to taking scary steps.

Courage isn't something you "are" it's something you feel, I'll help you develop this so it becomes your default setting 

Create a deep sense of self-trust, self-compassion, self-understanding 
& self-worth

These are the building blocks of Self-belief. Once you start to develop these you'll find Self-belief comes as if by magic! 

Shift your perspective from feeling limited by your beliefs​

To feeling curious, excited and playful about working with them, changing them and accepting them!

GOLD DOTS PAPER_edited.jpg

We will also explore

How your past experiences have shaped your present
AND how to create a different future outlook

How to plan and set goals in a way which makes you feel excited

(instead of what’s the point I’ll fail anyway)

Conflict, it’s place in your life and the clever ways you avoid this,
and ways you can change this to create stronger, more balanced relationships

How to interpret what’s happening in real time, so you can learn to switch quickly from emotional gut response to rational, practical, factual response 

- ie. STOP catastrophising and ruminating about what’s going to go wrong…

Playfulness, experimentation, making things easier, more fun,

and MUCH more self-supporting

You’ll end this year on a high! 

knowing you have the tools, resources and CONFIDENCE to go after the things you don’t currently believe you can do or have right now

GOLD DOTS PAPER_edited.jpg

What's included in the programme?

This is a SMALL, group offer


There will be a maximum of 4 in the group (fellow introverts I see you and I’ve got you)

This is to make sure you get 1:1 attention EVERY time we meet and to create a place which supports you without feeling intimidating - exactly what I’ve found is needed for us to flourish!


How it’s going to work 


8 weeks - (starting end of October, finishing mid December in time to feel AMAZING for Christmas)


-Weekly tools to explore and expand your awareness, experience, understanding and of course confidence and self-belief 


-Six live coaching sessions with individual attention  (I’ll set a time which works for everyone - another reason why it’s an exclusive no. of people!) 


-A supportive Facebook group to ask questions and share insights any time throughout the programme


All for just £340 (or two payments of £170 or three payments of £114)

Straight to the details
GOLD DOTS PAPER_edited.jpg

What my clients say...

Ellie Middleton review.png
LR review.png
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Claire Newstead Review.png
GOLD DOTS PAPER_edited.jpg

But wait there's more!

There's also a SUPERCHARGED option which gives you everything in the group, AND

THREE 1:1 deep dive sessions (combined value £285) to grow your Self-Belief EVEN faster


These sessions will help you

  • Unravel the tangle of thoughts your past experiences have created

  • Get WAY deeper into the programme learnings and tools, so you experience bigger shifts in your beliefs

  • Create “fast track” progress with your self-belief and get even more out of your investment


It will also give you a private space

to discuss things which feel more personal but which are HUGELY relevant to how your self-doubt has formed

This means we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your personal progress AND you get to benefit from all the support and community of being in the group - so you never feel it’s only you feeling the way you do.


PLUS if the Supercharged package includes an incredible bonus resource to reveal your Self-Doubt archetypes - clients have had HUGE lightbulb moments after this!


[I only have space for two supercharged spots so you’ll have to be quick if you want this option]

THREE sessions all about YOU (combined value £285)

AND the group materials and calls (value £340)

PLUS an incredible bonus resource to reveal your Self-Doubt archetypes (value £75)

Total value - £700

But you'll pay just £550 (or two payments of £225, or three payments of £184 - a saving of £150)

I know I'm biased, but I believe this is an incredible offer if you're ready (enough!)

to cultivate your Self-Belief NOW!

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