ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is a little different from other approaches. 


Before I realised I have ADHD, I spent years feeling like I was failing at coaching.

I felt like a complete fraud because although I was a highly trained and experienced coach, I felt like I was “un-coachable”…

The truth is, I wasn’t! I just hadn’t found someone who knew how to work with MY ADHD brain, and that’s why working with someone who has specialist training and experience of working with Neurodivergent brains is essential in helping you manage your ADHD and THRIVE as a confident ADHD woman.

The ADHD brain can go into freeze mode when asked a completely open question

meaning that the typical “non-directive” coaching approach  (which in non-coach speak means entirely decided by you as the client) can leave an ADHD person feeling like a rabbit in headlights.

Although as a coach I truly believe you DO have all the answers already, in my experience, the ADHD brain can go into freeze mode when faced with choosing the topic or direction of a session, when asked what ideas you have or what you’d like to do (if you’re anything like me you can almost feel the slight edge of panic as you read this, knowing how the brain blank feels!)

In addition, if you’re feeling completely stuck, a completely non-directive approach can feel incredibly frustrating, especially when you know what you’re trying to communicate but can’t figure out how to.

When this is happening for my clients, my experience is that a gentle suggestion of a direction, a new approach you could try on for size or simply sharing an experience of mine which may give some food for thought can be incredibly helpful.

Focusing on coping strategies for ADHD Adults

This is where the ADHD specific approach is different! Not only do I collaborate with you on the direction of your sessions, I’ll share valuable insights into how the ADHD brain works, help you decide what you want to try (and I have a whole bank of tips if you want them) and make sure that coaching doesn’t make you feel even MORE stuck.

I’ve learned that this is the approach my ADHD brain needs, and I’ve found it’s helped countless clients to have this blended approach as well.

So how does it work…?

The best thing to do is book a complimentary call with me to chat your particular needs and we can figure out the right setup for you.

P.S. did you know that as someone who has traits of ADHD – even if you’re not formally diagnosed – you may be eligible for funding to pay for coaching and other support?