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ADHD coaching is a little different from some other coaching approaches. Typically life coaching is completely non-directive (which in non-coach speak means entirely decided by you as the client) because one of the main functions of a typical life coach is to partner with you as a sounding board but without making any suggestions.

Although as a coach I truly believe you DO have all the answers already, in my experience, the

ADHD brain can go into freeze mode when faced with choosing the topic or direction of a session. 


In addition, if you're feeling completely stuck, a completely non-directive approach can feel incredibly frustrating, especially when you know what you're trying to communicate but can't figure out how to.


When this is happening for my clients, my experience is that a gentle suggestion of a direction, a new approach you could try on for size or simply sharing an experience of mine which may give some food for thought can be incredibly helpful. 

This is why I view myself as a mentor and coach.


I've learned that this is the approach my ADHD brain needs, and I've found it's helped countless clients to have this blended approach as well.

So how does it work... You'll see a few options below, but if you're not sure which is right for you, just book a complimentary call with me to chat it through.

Ways to work together

What my clients say...

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