Access to Work Funding

What is Access to Work?

Access to Work is a Government grant scheme to support people with disabilities, physical or mental health conditions or learning differences

ADHD is one of the conditions under which you can apply for support. You do not need to be diagnosed

The grant can provide you with important support for starting, or staying in work

It can include specialist equipment, support workers and job aides, coaching, training and more

Am I eligible for Access to Work?

You can apply if you are aged 16 or over

In paid work, about to start paid work or an apprenticeship. You can also apply if you are self employed or about to become self employed.

You live in England, Scotland or Wales

You are not a Civil Servant

What can Access to Work do for ADHD?

Specialist equipment, such as a second screen

Software such as speech to text or grammar checking

Support workers such as job aides to help you with tasks you find challenging due to your condition

Neurodiversity training and Coaching

Access to Work ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching can form a key part of your success in work and can help you

Understand your ADHD better from both an educational and personal standpoint

Develop tools, systems and strategies which work for you and your brain

Build better communication skills and learn how to set strong boundaries

Support and motivate yourself

Improve your confidence and self-esteem

Learn how to manage emotional disregulation and challenges such as RSD (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria)

Plan, prioritise and organise better

Understand and manage your energy levels

Find more balance between work, self care and creativity

Working with me via Access to Work

I frequently support people who are funded by, or applying for Access to Work grants I can help you in the following ways

Provide information and support about the process before you apply

After application, provide Access to Work specific quotes for working with me as your coach

If you have been given an allocation for coaching which doesn't fit your specific needs, I can help you raise this with your case worker to try and rectify this

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