Bespoke Coaching for women who want more from life

Are you a busy, hard working professional who wants to reclaim your sense of self?

Are your work and commitments getting in the way of your health and wellbeing? 

Do you just feel as though you can't continue with the way things are?

Meet Charlotte

Health & Life  Coach for Women who are ready to make a Change

"Nothing makes me feel better than knowing I've helped someone else feel good"

(me quoting me)

I'm on a mission to help people feel good -

on a daily basis!

Too often we find ourselves putting our plans, dreams & even health at the bottom of the pile.

We prioritise our jobs, other people & even things which we think we're enjoying over what TRULY makes us feel good (no I'm not about to encourage you to be selfish and ditch responsibilities).

I'm here to show you that this can change. YOU can change. It doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to involve giving up everything you love doing and it's achievable for anyone who truly wants that little bit "more" from life. 

Guess what? 

It might be simpler than you imagine....

Thanks for today. I have gone from a potentially dangerous point of uncertainty to a clear view of the next steps and I've taken some action already!

You provided that "sounding board" and non-judgmental voice to my thoughts; giving me a framework to formulate my thinking and permission to think freely without prejudice or preconceptions about possible outcomes.

On the walk home I felt a surge of optimism and I've just written out a list of what I took from this morning! Thank you. You have a real talent for coaching. I'd love to keep doing sessions.