Empowering Women with ADHD

If you’re searching for support to feel more empowered or with navigating ADHD then you’re in the right place.

I’m Charlotte, your new ADHD coach ready to help you work WITH your busy brain and become a confident, empowered ADHD woman.

This is a safe place to land...

If you’re a woman who is diagnosed ADHD, going through the diagnosis process or simply think you may-be ADHD or Neurodivergent and are looking for information and support from someone who gets it on a personal level.

An ADHD coach who gets it...

As a late diagnosed ADHD woman (I was diagnosed 2 years ago aged 36) I know what a rollercoaster the process can be.

From elation and validation that things suddenly “make sense” and it’s not just that you’re rubbish at life, to the (sometimes crushing) realisation that fundamentally nothing has changed in terms of how you experience life and the things you struggle with.


ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is a little different from some other coaching approaches.

Access to Work Funding

As someone with ADHD (diagnosed or not) you may be entititled to a grant to help you at work, you can find out more here

Self Coaching Resources

Not ready for 1-1 coaching? I’ve created a library of ADHD friendly resources to help you support yourself on your ADHD journey

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